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Business risks are an unavoidable reality. We work with customers to create and implement strategies focused on reducing risk, increasing revenue and expanding profitability. G4S provides access to unparalleled industry knowledge backed by customized business models and extensive resources.


Active Shooter

Active Shooter & Workplace Violence

G4S's proactive risk mitigation strategies can position you to better protect employees, customers, students and others.
Supply Chain (Consulting)

Supply Chain Security & Investigations

G4S’s portfolio of integrated risk management solutions identifies, analyzes and manages supply chain operations.
Executive Protection

Executive Protection

G4S helps you create security strategies, develop risk and threat profiles, and create detailed plans to deter threats and minimize risk.
Information Protection

Information Protection & Intellectual Property

G4S implements solutions to maintain the integrity of your information, brand, reputation and intellectual property rights.
Investigations (Consulting)

Corporate Investigations

G4S experts establish the facts to determine cause, identify wrongdoing and protect your bottom line and brand integrity. 
Risk Consulting

Risk Consulting

G4S risk consulting services enable your organization to secure assets, deliver essential services and optimize profits.

case studies

Security Risk Assessment

Security Risk Assessment

G4S was requested to identify potential security vulnerabilities and reduce overall risk at a children’s hospital.
Executive Threat

Threat Response

Concerned about the potential for violence from a disgruntled customer, a company reached out to G4S to respond to the threat.
Case Study - Supply Chain

Business Impact

A company contacted G4S Supply Chain Security experts for assistance with the C-TPAT process and standards.


Analog vs. IP

What are IP-based security products?

Security products and services using Internet Protocol (IP) are digital systems commonly for surveillance, and unlike analog systems, can send and receive data via the internet.
Maturing your security program

Maturing your security program

Applying maturity models is an exercise in understanding the complexity and need for complex security solutions. Is the security department over complicated or not advanced enough?
Drones: Threat from Above

Drones: Threat from Above

Recent operations in Iraq and Syria clearly highlight the viability of unmanned aerial systems as a legitimate terrorist tactic.
Vehicular Terrorism The Threat Behind the Wheel

Vehicular Terrorism: The Threat Behind the Wheel

Recent vehicular attacks clearly highlighted the viability of vehicle ramming as a legitimate terrorist tactic.
Supply Chain: Defeating the Security Watchdog

Supply Chain: Defeating the Security Watchdog

The threat of GPS jamming technology and recommendations to protect your business.

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