G4S Conference Sponsor of Blue Line Expo

A show for Canada’s law enforcement community May 2 in Toronto

Toronto, ON, May 1, 2017 – G4S is pleased to show its support for Canada’s law enforcement community, as conference sponsor of the 2017 Blue Line Expo May 2nd at the International Centre in Toronto.

G4S will showcase G4S Public Safety Services to this community. Services include: traffic & parking services, police support services, office services and detainee transfer services. G4S is prepared to support police agencies through increased monetary value, improved service levels, surge capacity, and effective security management.

With experience helping police around the world and in Canada, additional value can be found in the provision of specialist knowledge, expertise and focused training on an as needed basis. In engaging G4S for non-core activities, scarce resources are freed up and the sector is able to do more for less in and for the communities they serve.

G4S will showcase products and services such as its Elite Protection Professional program, video surveillance technology, fingerprinting services and more.