Elite Protection Professionals™ at Lakeridge Health

G4S provides a three-tiered approach to patient and staff security

G4S Elite Protection Professionals™ protect patients, staff and visitors

Security professionals who work in Canadian hospitals are keenly aware that their environments are some of the most active and dynamic public places. With many entrances, visitors, vendors, staff and patients, the job of protecting people and property is a constant challenge.

Patients may have a tendency to be violent or self-harm, have addictions, or suffer from psychological conditions that require quality care. There will even be those whose disputes with others require them to be isolated or protected from unwanted visitors.

A multitude of situations and scenarios can have a huge impact on hospital life if not managed appropriately. Expecting medical teams to keep a watchful eye on patients, as well as deal with any behaviour that becomes unacceptable, while still going about their normal duties, is clearly not the best response. Yet that’s the environment in which some healthcare professionals work.

Read our Lakeridge Healthcare Corporation - EPP case study to learn how G4S Elite Protection Professionals™ are protecting patients, staff and visitors.

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