Lions Eye in the Sky

G4S partners with Sudbury community to provide constant visual coverage

For 20 years, the Greater Sudbury Police Service (GSPS), the Lions Club of Sudbury (Lions), the Downtown Sudbury Business Improvement Area (BIA) and G4S have worked collaboratively on the Lions Eye in the Sky program.

The Lions Eye in the Sky program helps support public officials and promotes public safety. Partnering with law enforcement, the program has helped to deter crime throughout the city and works to ensure that Sudbury remains a vibrant and healthy community.

We have a number of situations where we know the evidence we recieved has resulted in gulty please and have made it (so) people haven't gone to court, haven't had trials.

Lions Eye in the Sky has opened the lines of communications with Sudbury citizens, downtown business and law enforcement. Working as a community, the program has helped enhance the security and safety of Sudbury while complementing the work of law enforcement. Get all the details and read the full case study here (PDF 882.8 KB).