Government and Public Sector

Protecting critical assets, essential services and effectively managing expenditures

Government and Public Sector

From dealing with the threat of international terrorism to safeguarding their assets, federal, provincial and municipal governments across the country must deal with some of the most complex security challenges ever, and do so under increasing budgetary constraints. These unique challenges require a partner with the experience and capabilities to create security solutions that match people and resources to security needs.

G4S is Canada’s leading security solutions company, offering integrated security services to clients in a wide range of industries. For our government clients, we have developed an exclusive package of service offerings that fully integrates all aspects of the security program. We work with all levels of government and their affiliated agencies, helping to deliver key services and ensure that government personnel are well prepared to operate in a world that increasingly requires security.

G4S is the global leader in working with governments to secure buildings and key assets. With G4S as a trusted security partner, governments are better able to protect critical assets, deliver essential services and effectively manage expenditures.

Please visit the case studies section of our media centre to read more about how G4S has equipped and enabled a variety of security programs in the healthcare, education, and municipal sectors.


G4S has a unique offering for the healthcare sector. We have developed an exlusive package of service offerings that fully integrates all aspects of a security program, ensuring patients, doctors, nurses and visitors remain safe. 


G4S understands the diverse and challenging needs of the educational market.  We develop customized solutions that ensure the safety and security of people and places.


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