Find the four hidden risks


G4S helps you find them quickly. We partner with you and your team to create tailor-made security solutions for your business.

We know what’s lurking out there. That’s why we use our Risk-Based Approach and focus on people, process & technology to create the best connected programs to mitigate any current or potential risk.



G4S OnSight is a cost effective solution for video surveillance, theft deterrence and response. It targets key areas while creating a virtual security perimeter. Solutions can be customized depending on the incident detected to alert authorities, alert on-site staff or contact our G4S mobile services. Monitoring can help minimize risk to people and property from security threats such as a breach in a customer’s perimeter, entering restricted areas or loitering.

A COVID-19 breach

G4S will work with you to personalize a temperature screening solution for your unique environment. An integrated approach to a temperature screening program takes people, process and technology into account. A comprehensive program can help you mitigate risk, meet required guidelines, pass people through screening efficiently and demonstrate commitment to the health and well-being of your employees and visitors.

Physical distancing breach

With changes to our business environments and the direction to practice social distancing, you may be looking for alternative solutions to protecting your most prized assets. Remote Video Monitoring (RVM) as a stand-alone solution, or combined with the power of manned guards can help you protect your people, properties and assets when you can’t be there.

AN internal threat

Business risks are an unavoidable reality. We work with customers to create and implement strategies focused on reducing risk, increasing revenue and expanding profitability. G4S provides access to unparalleled industry knowledge backed by customized business models and extensive resources.

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