Culture and Values

Values are the standards we set for ourselves and the culture of the organisation is the way those values are reflected in our behaviours and actions.

Being a service business, people are at the heart of our organisation. We rely on them to provide excellent customer service and to behave in line with the company’s values and standards. They rely on the company to provide a safe place to work and for development, support, and guidance throughout their career.
We continue to focus on embedding our values into practices across the company and building them into our management incentive programs. When incidents are reported or the conduct of our staff falls short of our values and standards, we always treat them with the utmost gravity.
Our Global Values

csr Report 

Our employees deliver services that create a safe and better environment to live and work.

In this report we feature the work carried out by our colleagues that makes us proud to be securing your world.



New 2017 Values

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