G4S Facility Management Services are networked across major cities of Bangladesh and has become an important center for many companies to outsource and hire workforce or services. We choose the right people who go beyond customer needs. This team is regularly supervised, follow the best practices and are highly professional. To ensure our customers always experience a hassle-free experience, we have an efficient backup resource pool for last-minute staff replacements as well as an emergency response team.

Our competitive services are flexible and tailored to our client’s needs. They’re not only cost-effective but also value for money. Our focus on compliance and safety allows you to focus on the core business. Whether our customers have to move to an unknown location or find comfort in their homes and offices, we provide a range of services to address all their needs.

G4S Facility Management Services Division provides well-trained personnel to cater various facility services such as:

Corporate Services
Office Assistants
Front Office/Receptionist
Office Assistants
Accounts Assistants
Stores Assistants

Maintenance Services
Lift Operators
Electricians and Plumbers
Carpenters & Painters

Cleaning Services
General Cleaning Services
Office Care Services
Homecare Services
Building Care Services
Cleaning services generally include daily cleaning, vacuuming, floor cleaning, trash removal and restroom cleaning. Furthermore, interior and exterior glass cleaning of the premises are undertaken by highly-efficient manpower, materials, machines and equipment. 

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